[Yaffs] Yaffs and VxWorks

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Author: Laurie van Someren
To: yaffs
Subject: [Yaffs] Yaffs and VxWorks
Yaffs is the property of Aleph One Limited, and VxWorks is the
    property ofWind River.

    Source Code for Yaffs is available to those who buy a Licence from
    Aleph One, at the base price of GBP10000.

    To make using VxWorks easier we have written an extension of the
    code.  It contains no WindRiver nor VxWorks code, but only our own
    code. It costs GBP3000. for those who have a Licence from us for
    Yaffs use.

The extension is now undergoing extensive testing by large companies in
avionics and in industrial control; we shall report what they find.

If you would like us to describe what they report, without identifying
you, please send an email request to

The use of VxWorks with Yaffs is described at:-

Laurie van Someren, Aleph One Ltd, 123 High Street, Bottisham, CAMBRIDGE
CB25 9BA UK T: +44 (0)1 223 811 679 www.aleph1.co.uk & www.yaffs.net . .
. . Lentius in Omnibus Progrediens