Re: [Yaffs] Extract directory content from yaffs2 image?

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Author: Charles Manning
To: yaffs
Subject: Re: [Yaffs] Extract directory content from yaffs2 image?
On Tuesday 19 February 2008 09:39:43 Dirk Behme wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a yaffs2 image on (Linux host) PC and like to extract the
> directory content of it. If I understand it correctly this is the
> reverse of what mkyaffs2image is doing. Or something similiar what
> describes for JFFS2.
> Any hint for this?

At this stage there is no prebuilt unyaffs. Interestingly, someone else asked
for the same thing off-list a few days back.

Here's a relatively easy way to do this, but needs some coding.

Starting with yaffs direct, modify yaffs_fileem2k.c to match the dump file

Write an application using yaffs direct that recursively iterates through the
mounted fs and writes the directories/files to the host file system. The
basic form of such an app is in mkyaffs2image (substituting file access
functions with yaffs_xxx equivalents).


-- Charles