Re: [Yaffs] Extract directory content from yaffs2 image?

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Author: Dirk Behme
To: Charles Manning, yaffs
Subject: Re: [Yaffs] Extract directory content from yaffs2 image?
Charles Manning wrote:
> On Tuesday 19 February 2008 09:39:43 Dirk Behme wrote:
>>I have a yaffs2 image on (Linux host) PC and like to extract the
>>directory content of it. If I understand it correctly this is the
>>reverse of what mkyaffs2image is doing. Or something similiar what
>>describes for JFFS2.
>>Any hint for this?
> At this stage there is no prebuilt c. Interestingly, someone else asked
> for the same thing off-list a few days back.

In case you gave a similiar answer like below: Would be quite nice if
you could ask if she/he made any progress.

> Here's a relatively easy way to do this, but needs some coding.
> Starting with yaffs direct, modify yaffs_fileem2k.c to match the dump file
> layout.
> Write an application using yaffs direct that recursively iterates through the
> mounted fs and writes the directories/files to the host file system. The
> basic form of such an app is in mkyaffs2image (substituting file access
> functions with yaffs_xxx equivalents).

Many thanks!

But as I'm not so good in application writing: What's about using
kernel#s nandsim


A quick look seems that this will not help due to missing mkyaffs2?

From usage point of view sounds like having an "unyaffs2"
(mkyaffs2image counterpart) would be the easiest way for the user?